Meet Some of Our Traders

“Joining Andrew’s room was the best decision for my day trading career. Andrew provides actionable information in a clear and precise way. He is always willing to assist his students and has been very responsive to any questions I have. Joining this room has provided me with the tools to succeed in this career.”

Trader D.T., Utah

“Great chat room with excellent actionable trade ideas. Excellent place to learn day trading strategies and risk management.”

Trader M.L., California

“I am really enjoying the chat room, and learning to trade in the simulator. There is complete transparency in the chat room, which I appreciate.”

Trader E.B., Arizona

“Andrew and his room is a great place to start day trading. I found all of the traders in the room serious and committed. Thanks for the community.”

Trader H.R., California

“Reading Andrew’s book and being part of his community turned my trading curiosity into a real part-time job. Now I look forward to joining the chat every night. I would not be day trading today if it wasn’t for Andrew’s chatroom.”

Trader J.G., Hong Kong

“After reading Andrews book and joining the 3 month simulator course plus chat room, I went form having zero knowledge to a strong basic understanding about day trading.”

Trader O.H., California

“Andrew and his chatroom have been a tremendous help for me. You see how pros really trade live. It is much different than I imagined. There is much more to learn, and this chatroom can be really helpful, especially if you don’t a have mentor or anybody who can help you”

Trader P.M., Estonia

“Andrew and the other fellow traders in the room have helped me become a better trader, room is super fun and vibrant.”

Trader M.B., California

“Joining Andrew’s room was a great decision for me. Andrew is super helpful in the room and even on the negative days I can appreciate his insight and his sense of humor.”

Trader S.V., Oregon

“Andrew and his chat room have been really helpful for me to evolve and get better as a trader. I recommend anyone who wants to pursue this career to follow Andrew because you learn a lot from him and he will answer any questions you might have. I’m really thankful I am part of this community that is as excited about trading as I am”.

Trader T.D., California

“Andrew and his chatroom have been instrumental in giving me the confidence that I can do this! Seeing it live and in action makes all the difference.”

Trader S.B., Georgia

Live Classes and Educational Videos

I regularly schedule educational classes for our Pro and Platinium Plan members and each week I update the course material based on my trades for that week. Pro and Platinium Plan members have access to my collection of videos and live classes. For more info, please visit the LIVE CLASS page.

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How to Day Trade for a Living

To be successful at day trading you need the right tools and you need to be motivated, to work hard, and to persevere.

In my book, I describe the fundamentals of day trading, explain how day trading is different from other styles of trading and investment, and elaborate on important trading strategies that many traders use every day.

I’ve kept the book short so you will actually finish reading it and not be bored by the time you reach the middle of it.

The book, by no means, is a stand alone guide. It is an in-depth introduction to day trading to help you know where to start and how to start this new career.

Andrew’s Day Trading Results

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