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Live Classes and 24/7 Recorded Educational Lessons

We regularly schedule educational classes for our members and each week we update the course material based on our trades for that week. ALL of our members have access to our collection of videos and live classes. For more info, please visit the LIVE CLASS page.

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Access to Advanced Lessons
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Access to Trade Ideas Scanner Settings
Access to Andrew's DAS Hotkeys and Layout Files
Access to Swing Trading Materials
3-months DAS Simulator (Select below)
Weekly Webinars on Various Trading Topics
Access to Psychology Resources
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Access to Advanced Lessons
Access to Live Trading Classes
Access to Trade Ideas Scanner Settings
Access to Andrew's DAS Hotkeys and Layout Files
Access to Swing Trading Materials
3-months DAS Simulator (Select below)
Weekly Webinars on Various Trading Topics
Access to Psychology Resources
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  • Prices are in USD and include all applicable taxes and fees.
  • Real-time simulator is provided by DAS Trader (Nasdaq Certified Platinum Partner) with Nasdaq Totalview Level 2 market depth at discounted rate of $100/month in packages of 3 months: exclusive to Bear Bull Traders (regular price: $150/month).
  • We provide support in helping you get setup with the DAS Trader Pro platform.

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We’ve Got Your Back

The goal of our community is to ensure that you have the best possible experience and to help turn you into a consistently profitable trader.  If you have any questions or encounter any problems along the way, we are here to help. You can contact us at [email protected] at anytime. On top of that, enjoy peace of mind with our satisfaction guarantee. Although we offer valuable recorded and live trading lessons and webinars, we also happily offer a 14-day Money Back Guarantee on our membership plans with no questions asked. This means that you get full access to our program and you can still claim a full and timely refund within 14 days if it does not meet your expectations. Please Note: We can only refund the price of the memberships. We cannot refund the $300 for access to the DAS simulator as we will have already paid that upfront to DAS. But you can still use your simulator for the 3-month period even after cancelling your membership with us. Please view our full refund policy here: Refund Policy

Real Testimonials from Current and Past Community Members

Ved M

When I joined the BBT community, I was at first overwhelmed, but pleasantly surprised by the wealth of information and cooperation and support from moderators and members alike. I opted for the lifetime membership and I can say that it paid of with dividends 🙂 I'm three months in real time...

Stephen D

I cannot express how much I value Bear Bull Traders. Their educational resources are excellent and they are very professional! The Life Time membership is one of the best investments I have ever made!!! Rating:

Stacy H

Bear Bull Traders is the most amazing group of traders/moderator's that I have found. I bought Andrew's book several months ago. The book is priceless for a beginner trader! It is written in easy to understand format with so many trading charts to give examples for each strategy. I joined the BBT...

Joseph M

I joined Bear Bull Traders for the first time a couple of years ago when I first started day trading. I had been a swing trader building my account to the point ($25,000.00) so that I could day trade. I purchased Andrew's book among a lot of other ones, and found his way of writing and...

Thann A

My husband and I started trading 2 years ago and we had some success, but never had real consistency. We bought a really expensive PennyStocking program online and learned all the basics, but our learning curve did not kick in until we were introduced to Bear Bull Traders. We learned so much in...

Dima S

Bear Bull Traders is a supportive community of traders who know that there are no gimmicks or "secret strategies" that can make you consistently profitable. Instead of trying to up-sell you a never-ending series of "premium classes" like other sites, BBT provides a growing body of learning...

Nadeem K

I have been an industrial controls and automation consultant for the last fourteen years. When I was researching into the prospects of being a professional trader, I first came across Andrew's book "ADVANCE TECHNIQUES IN DAY TRADING" which quickly became my guiding star. I then read Andrew's...

Marek L

Andrew's chatroom provides the best value and services for beginning and intermediate day traders. After having been in the chatroom for more than a year as a lifetime member, I would recommend it to anyone serious about trading, i.e. willing to put in a lot of work into educating themselves....

Ashley G

I am a new trader with no previous trading experience other than random stock trading here and there. This is the best place to learn how to be a profitable day trader and a safe place to learn from others who have years of experience. This is not a "get rich quick scheme". This is a "teach a man...

Nick T

I've been extremely impressed with my BBT experience and recommend anyone seriously considering day trading to join. It truly is different and better than any other site I had joined before. Not only am I now consistently profitable with my trading, but I continue to learn and improve everyday...

Anne A

I started trading live in Dec. 2018 after studying an online course that taught me how to trade low float low cap stocks. Yikes! I lost big and developed some bad habits. I learnt after joining BBT 1.5 months ago, that these are the most volatile and manipulated stocks you can trade. Since I...

Aiman A

I've joined this chatroom exactly 1 year ago; by then I had little knowledge of trading as I never traded before. All my knowledge was from books I read and videos I watched. Usually before joining any chatroom, buying any product, downloading any program, I tend to read tons of reviews to make...

Robenson A

Been a lifetime member of BBT since November of 2018. Read, HOW TO DAY TRADE FOR A LIVING twice! I was not convinced that I can succeed as a day trader until I joined the Chartroom. You guys are the best!!! The learning support system you put together is priceless! Rating:

Peter H

This is my first community Bear Bull Traders and I need no more. Learned a lot and my trading is improved and I can now already make money after 3 months. All of the Bear Bull Traders are also very helpful. If you ask a question you get an answer. You can say it is worth "EXCELLENT" Rating:

Dany H

I joined BBT half way through reading Andrew's book. I joined for a week to see what it's all about. What I found is a very serious, knowledgeable and helpful community of traders. No gimmicks, no false promises, no "get rich fast" schemes. The moderators are seasoned traders that are eager to...

Thomas K

Since I joined Bear Bull Traders I’ve learned a lot. I didn’t learn only from Andrew and the moderators, but also from the people in the chat. I also like the trade reviews with William on Tuesday and Thursday, the premarket preparation with Carlos and the swing trade analysis with Brian. I'm...

David O

I’ve been a member of BBT for over a year now; joining May 1st of 2018, and have never felt the need to seek another chatroom or learning community. As advertised, this is a serious learning community where traders from all different walks of life come to share their trading journeys and the...

Love B

Hello Andrew and the entire BBT Team, I would like to thank you all very much for educating me. I recently went live on 15th April 2019 and I am happy that I am trading alright. I won't say that I have made heaps of money, but I have made a little money with no losses which makes me more than...

Nelson C

For several months I joined five trading chat rooms, bought 3 different trading courses and read a dozen books on trading. After wading through all the pot of gold promises, lifestyle hot car videos and promises of success in single equities and single time frames, I finally found a community...

Ned O

I am cancelling my membership today after using Bear Bull Traders and the DAS platform for about 5 months now. With the guides given from the members and administrators on Bear Bull Traders, it is possible to make money from day trading, however you need capital in order to only limit yourself to...

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Bear Bull Traders different?
We believe day trading is a very serious and challenging career path. It is not for everyone, and interested traders should practice trading in simulators for several months before beginning to trade with a live account. Unfortunately, trading has been advertised as an easy way to attain financial freedom and change one’s life. Although there is great potential for success in trading, achieving that success requires practice, determination and, most importantly, a level of resilience and persistence that the majority of people interested in trading may underestimate.

We focus on the community aspect of trading in order to allow traders to learn from each other. Although we teach some well-known strategies, we by no means advertise them as a PROVEN or EASY-TO-FOLLOW path to success. Our training program is meant to be the first step, and traders need to work hard to learn new strategies and then adapt them to ever-changing market conditions, as well as to learn and understand the concepts of risk management and sound psychology. The latter is why we have developed Psychology Training Modules as part of our Education Center.

Our membership is not cheap, but we are priced at the low end of the trading education spectrum, although we know the value found in our membership is worth considerably more. We believe traders should save their money in order to survive the early losses that they will undoubtedly suffer. A very expensive trading course will most likely not be useful if it stretches your budget in a way that leaves you unable to afford the inevitable losses that you as a new trader will face. If proper risk management strategies have been learned in advance, these early losses should be small, and they should be considered a component of the tuition that the market demands to be paid as part of a new trader’s learning curve.

We offer a “no questions asked” refund policy because we believe trading is not for everyone. You may reach the conclusion that trading is not suitable for you at this time; we understand that does happen to people, and we show our appreciation for your time and effort by offering a full refund (other than the $450 fee for access to the DAS simulator which we will have already paid upfront to DAS, had you chosen that option at the time of purchasing your membership). To our surprise, no one has yet to abuse this policy, and we receive very few genuine refund requests.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept payments via PayPal as well as all major credit cards.

If you experience trouble with your payment going through, please email us at [email protected] and we will help you to pay differently. We will never ask for your personal or financial information.

Which membership is right for me?
This is a tricky question to answer. If you want to give our chatroom a try to see what we are all about, then the Intro membership will provide you with access for 14-days. Just note that the Intro membership only provides access to the chatroom and our basic day trading lessons (and no other resources). If you prefer a monthly payment, then the Pro – Monthly will provide you with access to all resources (except for Lifetime content). However, we highly recommend our Lifetime membership as it comes with the added bonus of not having to pay any future price increases (you only pay for the Lifetime plan ONCE – there are no additional monthly or annual costs involved). As a Lifetime member, you will also have access to exclusive mentorship sessions with our founders, Brian and Andrew, as well as other experienced traders and moderators who are part of our community.

If you have further questions about which membership is best for you, please email [email protected] or leave a message in our Live Chat box in the lower right corner of your screen.

Can I copy moderators' trades in the chatroom?
NO! We are NOT a call out or trade alert service. Day trading is a fast process of decision-making and trade execution and you can never copy other traders’ trades. “Mirror trading” of other traders will likely result in heavy losses because when you follow other traders you are always seconds behind them. In addition, people have different account sizes, different personalities, different approaches to risk management, and different risk tolerance levels. No two traders can trade the same.

Andrew and the other moderators discuss their morning trade plan in the pre-market morning meeting. Once the market opens, you will see Andrew’s screen live as well as hear and observe him as he talks and walks through his trades. None of our members should “mirror trade”, they should use the chat to be in touch with other traders in case they have any questions or need any assistance. At times, useful tips and trade ideas are shared among our traders.

What is your Refund Policy?
Although we offer valuable recorded and live trading lessons and webinars, we also happily offer a 14-day Money Back Guarantee on our membership plans with no questions asked.

The only fee that is not refundable is the simulator cost ($300 for 3 months). If you select either our Pro-Monthly or Lifetime plan, both of which include an option to use the DAS simulator for 3 months, the $300 cost for the DAS simulator cannot be refunded because we will have already paid upfront to DAS the cost for your use of the simulator for 3 months. However, you can still use your simulator until its expiry date (3 months after the starting date), even though you cancelled with us and are no longer part of our community. It is yours, you paid for it!

If you are not certain that our community is right for you, please take out our 14-day trial to get a feel for the community. You can always upgrade to other plans after signing up. Just let us know and we will tell you how.

Can I cancel my account at any time?
Absolutely. You can go inside of our Members Home area and easily cancel at any time with no penalty – but do be mindful of our refund policy.

Our only recurring plan is our monthly plan. If you are being billed on a monthly basis, you will have access until the end of your cycle and you will not be charged for the next month. We cannot offer partial refunds for your current month however. If you cancel within 14 days of signing up, then you can receive your full refund (except for the DAS simulator fee, if you chose that option).

Our Lifetime membership plan is not recurring. You only make a one-time payment for a Lifetime membership. Please note that we are not able to offer a partial or full refund on our Lifetime plan if you cancel more than 14 days after signing up.

If you have any concerns you would like to discuss, or if you decide to request the cancellation of your account, please email us at [email protected]

What if I already have a monthly subscription and I want to upgrade to a Lifetime membership?
Simply shoot us an email: [email protected] and we will review your account to let you know if we can offer you any prorated pricing or other discount. We always encourage progress and upgrades in our community and do as much as possible to credit you for your previous purchases.
We also offer a lifetime – monthly – installment membership. This membership allows you to have access to our lifetime materials for 12 monthly payments. Once paid off after a full year, you will no longer need to make any additional payments and you will be a lifetime member! To learn more and upgrade, please click here.
Do you have a phone number/is there somebody I can speak with?
Unfortunately we do not have a phone number, but if you use the Live Chat box in the lower right-hand corner of your screen, or send an email to [email protected], we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions as fast as possible!
Are there any additional fees with the Lifetime Membership?
The Lifetime membership is a one-time payment that will give you access to the chatroom, classes and mentorship webinars for as long as our community stands. You can also choose the option of receiving access to the DAS simulator for 3-months. There are no additional costs or monthly fees associated with the Lifetime plan. You pay once for a lifetime of access to the aforementioned resources!
How do the Lifetime Memberships work?

Many traders interested in our lifetime membership plan may wonder how this plans works. Essentially: What does “lifetime” mean? Whose life? What if I join as a lifetime member today and in 2 years the community is no longer around? What happens to my membership?

We agree that these are very fair and important questions, and we have therefore defined a refund policy for our lifetime memberships should the day come that Bear Bull Traders closes down. If for any reason Bear Bull Traders does not stand anymore, we will refund lifetime members based on the date they joined the community. We will deduct the number of months (or partial months) that they have been a member, based on the monthly fee at the time of their registration, and then refund the balance. An additional deduction will also be made if the member had purchased 3 months of access to the simulator.

Example A:

Trader A joins Bear Bull Traders in January 2020 as a Lifetime Member at $1,699.

Bear Bull Traders shuts down in April 2020. In this case:

  • Trader A’s plan provided 3 months of access to the simulator: $300 value.
  • Trader A has been a member for only 4 months: January 2020 to April 2020.
  • Monthly membership fee at the time of their subscription was $199.

We will refund Trader A their payment after deduction of $3000 and 4x$199: $1699-$300-(4x$199)=$603.

Example B:

Trader B joins Bear Bull Traders in January 2020 as a Lifetime Member at $1999.

Bear Bull Traders shuts down in September 2020. In this case:

  • Trader B’s plan did not provide 3 months of access to the simulator.
  • Trader B has been a member for only 9 months: January 2020 to September 2020.
  • Monthly membership fee at the time of their subscription was $199.

We will refund Trader B their payment after deduction of 9x$199: $1999-(9x$199)=$208.

Example C:

Trader C joins Bear Bull Traders in January 2020 as a Lifetime Member at $1,999.

Bear Bull Traders shuts down in September 2021. In this case:

  • Trader C’s plan provided 3 months of access to the simulator: $300 value.
  • Trader C has been a member for 21 months: January 2020 to September 2021.
  • Monthly membership fee at the time of their subscription was $199.

Total value of services used by Trader C: $300 + (21x$199) = $4,479. There will be no refund for Trader C as $2,529 is more than what Trader C paid when they purchased their lifetime membership plan.

We of course hope that Bear Bull Traders will stand for a very long time, but as nothing is forever, we introduced this policy as a way to support our lifetime members.

If you have any questions, or are interested in purchasing a Lifetime membership, please contact us: [email protected]

Does my DAS simulator time start immediately after purchase?
If you purchase a membership that includes access to the DAS simulator for 3-months, or you purchase it separately from us, you will receive an email from Andrew asking when you wish to start your time in the simulator. You may start your time immediately, or defer it indefinitely. Simply reply to the email from Andrew with the date you wish to start and it will be ready for you then.
Can I trade the US stock market if I am not living in the US?
Yes, most likely. Many US-based or international brokers will open trading accounts for international traders and they can then trade in the US stock market. We recommend that you take a look at the TRADING TOOLS section of our website and enquire about the possibility of opening an account with the brokers mentioned there.

We actually have a number of members in our community who are from outside of North America. Members who live in Europe or Asia have an advantage in trading US equities due to the time difference. Being a number of hours ahead or behind of the New York time zone allows for members in Europe and Asia, and other parts of the world, to be able to work a day job and also trade, since the majority of the volatility and thus the best trading opportunities take place between 9:30AM and 11AM New York time. That time is either in the afternoon or evening for people living in European and Asian time zones.

We are often asked about utilizing our strategies and techniques in stock markets outside of the US. We have not tested these strategies outside of US markets, so it’s not possible for us to determine the success or profitability of the strategies on different exchanges. We generally recommend day trading only in the US markets though as they have the highest liquidity and volatility compared to smaller markets in other countries.

Since we have several international members in our community, we encourage all prospective members to have a look through our forums in order to get a sense of where our members trade from. We also encourage members to reach out to each other via the forum to coordinate meetup events as well as to keep in touch.

If you have any additional questions about becoming an international member of our community, please send an email to [email protected]

Where do I find the charts and figures for the Audiobooks?
Please click here to be brought to our Audiobook charts and figures download page:
I have a question that is not answered here.
If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us: [email protected]

You may also wish to check out our more comprehensive FAQ that we posted in our forums: Additional FAQ’s